Today’s young adults are moral

This piece by David Brooks in the New York Times has me pissed off. The short version is that the authors of a new book based on a 2008 study say that young adults today (respondents were 18-23 at the time of the study) lack the ability to articulate moral ideas, reason through moral dilemmas, … Continue reading

Yes, I’m young

I’m 30. That’s not especially young by some standards, but for an aspiring UU minister, it’s positively boyish. We are not exactly overflowing with young clergy in this association, though I think there’s a trend in that direction. (Anyone have numbers that might bear this out? I’m going off my own, anecdotal evidence.) For some … Continue reading

Young adult ministry

There’s been some fascinating talk about youth ministry¬†at Matt Kinsi’s blog here and here (the comments are as good as the blog entry itself, I think) and probably elsewhere as well—I’m sure there was some conversation about GA, though I was mostly involved in other things. As a young adult, a candidate for ministry, and … Continue reading