Stop telling me I’m afraid

“I’m just tired of being told I’m afraid,” my friend and colleague the Rev. Robin Tanner said to me. “And I’m tired of being told about the death of congregations.” I, too, am tired of being told I’m afraid, or anxious, or desperate. I’m tired of being told that congregations are done, that none of … Continue reading

What a new hymnal should be …

If we have a new hymnal, it should … That’s the thing, right? It is so easy to complain about the hymnal we have (by we I mean the Unitarian Universalist Association and its member congregations, and by the hymnal we have, I mean Singing the Living Tradition), or say it’s dated (it debuted in … Continue reading

An Easter poem

These were the opening words in worship on March 31, 2013, at the First Parish in Needham. I saw the sun rise over Wollaston Beach, This day just like all the ones before it. The sky changing, black purple blue pink yellow, And suddenly, a blaze of light, doubled by the water beneath it. I … Continue reading

Chalice lighting: To serve

A tiny spark begins a flame; it lights an ember that grows and builds and becomes a burning in our hearts to serve. This chalice lighting was written for use in worship on Jan. 29, 2012, at the First Parish in Needham.