What is ordination?

There was a fantastic (and ongoing) discussion on an email list for aspiring UU ministers recently about issues of ordination. What does it mean to be ordained and to be a minister? Now, as such things often go, this discussion didn’t start out about ordination per se. Rather, there was a question about the appropriateness … Continue reading

Sermon: Preparing to fail

This sermon was delivered at the First Parish in Needham, Mass., on Oct. 9. You ever feel like a failure? I do. Every time I can’t get the blinds to go up, or I forget about something my wife asked me to do, or … well, you get the idea. These are little failures, sure, … Continue reading

Christian worship matters (even to UUs)

I, a Unitarian Universalist, attend a Christian seminary (actually, I’ve attended two Christian seminaries). And one of the classes I was required to take was an introduction to Christian worship. This is required by the seminary, mind you, not the Unitarian Universalist Association, which does require familiarity with worship in UU contexts for its ministerial … Continue reading

The spirit and practice of revival

The following was written in 2009 as a Facebook note, but it’s worth re-posting here. Friends, I speak to you today in the spirit of revival. Last weekend (that is, in July 2009), I spent four days and nights at the UU Church of Little Rock as part of the first annual UUCLR Revival: “Come … Continue reading