Stop telling me I’m afraid

“I’m just tired of being told I’m afraid,” my friend and colleague the Rev. Robin Tanner said to me. “And I’m tired of being told about the death of congregations.” I, too, am tired of being told I’m afraid, or anxious, or desperate. I’m tired of being told that congregations are done, that none of … Continue reading

I’m Christian and Humanist

And neither one of those things mean what you think. I’m Christian. Yes, I’m not baptized, and I don’t think Jesus was God. But I consider myself a Christian, or to use a phrase I hear more lately, a follower of Jesus. I think Jesus, at least the Jesus I know through the Gospels, was … Continue reading

We all have a sacred text

We all have beliefs. Anyone who says they don’t have a sacred text, no collection of wisdom and ideals they hold dear is either lying or unaware. Saying you don’t just means you aren’t being upfront about what guides your life. That thought is brought to you because of an interesting blog post by my … Continue reading

The virtue of impatience

I’ll admit it; I am not a patient person. Many times I’ve been told that patience is something I need to work on. I’m compulsively on-time (very, very compulsively) and I think everyone else should be, too. I sometimes get frustrated at the glacial pace of some things in my life. It’s true. But here’s … Continue reading