Let’s talk about sex!

Confession: I wish I could steal this guy’s post and just claim it as my own (though the language doesn’t quite work for an ordained minister, huh?). So take a moment, click the link, read it, and come back. … Back now? OK, let’s talk. One of the things I am most proud about in … Continue reading

Stop telling me I’m afraid

“I’m just tired of being told I’m afraid,” my friend and colleague the Rev. Robin Tanner said to me. “And I’m tired of being told about the death of congregations.” I, too, am tired of being told I’m afraid, or anxious, or desperate. I’m tired of being told that congregations are done, that none of … Continue reading

Celebrating Marriage Equality!

It’s been 10 years since Massachusetts affirmed marriage equality and began legal marriages of same-sex couples, and we think that means it’s time to party! Massachusetts is the state this Texas boy now lives in and where the church I serve is. And here, we’ve had marriage equality (that is, legally-recognized marriages between all couples, … Continue reading

How people found me

People searched for “why pray(?),” “complaining prophets,” “how to become an online ordained Christian minister,” “japanese zen waterfall,” and “شاوي شاوي شاوي” and they found this site. A friend of mine who runs a popular blog (at least it’s popular with me) periodically does a post examining what search terms have led people to his … Continue reading