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People searched for “why pray(?),” “complaining prophets,” “how to become an online ordained Christian minister,” “japanese zen waterfall,” and “شاوي شاوي شاوي” and they found this site. A friend of mine who runs a popular blog (at least it’s popular with me) periodically does a post examining what search terms have led people to his site. So now I’m ripping off his idea for my own blog.

I started A Free Faith in March, and it really got rolling at the beginning of July. In all, I’ve made 48 posts, and have had a little more than 3,900 page views.  I don’t know how to evaluate that, other than to say that I’m glad people have thought any of this is worth looking at, much less some 3,900 times.

But on to the search terms. The most popular was “why pray” in several forms (punctuated or not, and one “why don’t Christians pray?,” which is an interesting question), which got a total of a little more than 100 searches, relating to this. Nothing else even came close, but there were definitely some interesting ones. The apparently Arabic phrase above is probably the strangest, and Google translate can’t seem to make any sense of it. After my trip to Japan (read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), I got a number of search terms related to that, including “japanese zen waterfall,” “tsubaki ise shrines locations,” and “arrow and target.” Shortly after I posted about child abuse, I got a number of searches that used encrypted search terms. Not sure what to make of that.

Below is the list of every search term that led to this site in the last year, for anyone who wants to know even more.

why pray 88
why pray? 13
what’s holding you back sermon 5
occupy suburbia 4
complaining prophets 3
a free faith blog 3
sermons on what holding you back 3
japanese zen waterfall 3
search liberal faith 3
a free faith 3
sermon what is holding you back 3
a free faith christian schmidt 2
tsubaki ise shrines locations 2
arrow and target 2
navigating by the stars sermon 2
young adults morals 2
sermon what are you entangled with? 2
afreefaith schmidt 2
gravity is god 2
japanese rhinoceros beetle 2
why we pray for someone 2
gravel path 2
afreefaith 2
tsubaki grand shrine japan 2
uu 2
imperial train 2
how to write a good sermon 2
misogi loincloth 2
raked gravel japanese garden 2
why pray for others 2
tsubaki shrines in japan 2
misogi shinto 2
zen gravel 2
sand archery target 2
god like gravity 2
waterfall at tsubaki grand shrine 2
misogi ritual 2
sermon on tradition 2
uu theology 2
“home is the place you don’t have to deserve.” 2
“youth camp” 2
shinto 2
“unitarian universalism” new 1
comparing god to gravity 1
san antonio tx unitarian church 1
first unitarian universalist church of san antonio 1
god’s name is gravity 1
freefaithblog 1
afreefaith christian schmidt 1
great theologians charles hartshorne 1
christian schmidt 1
ice cold misogi 1
whats holding christians back 1
gravity god 2 1
why we pray 1
why don’t christians pray? 1
sermon what’s holding you back 1
what is holding you back from jesus 1
successful young adult ministries 1
why pray free 1
it is just one thing holding you back from the kingdom 1
on original sin 1
morals of young adults 1
wordpress ministry theme 1
straight gravel pathway 1
how to rake gravel path 1
what is your passion as a christian 1
unitarian faith beliefs 1
adult ministry 1
why christian don’t pray 1
shinto priest clothing 1
sermon on mark 10:17 the young rich man 1
passion 1
most successful young adults ministry 1
what’s holding you back 1
average age young adult ministry 1
todays adults are 1
study moral young adults 2011 1
young adult ministry wordpress 1
شاوي شاوي شاوي 1
morals young adults 1
youth and morals 1
uu preaching 1
young adults and moraliy 1
raked gravel 1
kyoto off the beaten path 1
the theme of the prophets complaint 1
young morals 1
how does singing and praying express our gratitude 1
interne sermon mediocre inn 1
how to be miko san at shrine in japan 1
jadedfaith on facebook 1
morals of young adult 1
contemporary unitarian universalist christian worship 1
sermon on one thing you ack 1
worship to our religion 1
grand tsubaki shrine waterfall 1
young adults and morality 1
morals in young adult 1
cold waterfall 1
gravity effects 1
a place called there,sermons 1
why do they rebuild ise shrine 1
“future of our faith” unitarian 1
ise grand shrine 1
what’s in this thing for me sermon 1
contemporary worship is crap 1
failure+to+prepare+is+preparing+to+fail+as+a+priest+ 1
tsubaki grand shrine 1
gravitation force theory of god 1
sermon what are you reaching 1
failure to prepare sermon is preparation to fail. 1
“why pray” 1
what we don’t talk about in church 1
uu chalice 1
what’s holding you back from the kingdom of god 1
sermon shine like stars 1
unitarian faith 1
sermon on a family moving to new house 1
japan tsubaki 1
why pray ? 1
sermon:fail preparation 1 1
home made archery target pictures 1
sermon faith 1
prophets+complain 1
christian worship 1
http://www.what’s holding you back mark 10:17 1
past holding you back sermon 1
www. what’s holding you back 1
me i watch online sermon 1
sermons on what’s holding you back 1
free faith website 1
jesus holding you back 1
morals in young adults 1
to disturb something that is smooth 1
in what manner does shintoism 1
culture of todays young adults 1
what’s holding you back from calling the.guy you like 1
south east asia shrine 1
sermon free to fail 1
what is ordination 1
shinto purification 1
its time to get over it sermon 1
shinto religious worship of waterfalls 1
a sermon on i’m moving into my new home 1
how to become an ordained christian minister online 1
sermon: what’s holding you back 1
whats holding you back christian 1
god is all-knowing 1
free faith wordpress theme 1
comparing faith in god to gravity 1
sermon what are you living for?.com 1
god is like gravity 1
transcendence or water 1
ordained minister clothing 1
faith free 1
wig and whiskers needham ma 1
archery range target pictures 1
lutheran teacher sues disability 1
unitarian universalist clergy stole 1
sermon giving up what been holding you back 1 1
whats holding you back and sermon 1
sermon+home 1
historical arrow target 1
sermon on what’s holding you back 1
sermon home 1
sermon on a place called home 1
sermon on not holding back 1
Unknown search terms 7

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