To the Twitterati

I have attempted to make this website a low-snark zone—my wife will tell you that’s no small feat for me. But that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some good snark, and if there was ever was a format made for short, witty (or is that “twitty”?), snarkeriffic comments, it’s Twitter.

So if you want some snarky, insider commentary on Unitarian Universalism, check out UUHULK. If you want even more insider, ministerial credentialing humor, check out the extremely dry commentary of BadMFCAdvice.

Now, I’ll confess that I’m new to Twitter. I only recently set up an account (follow me at @afreefaith, I have made exactly one tweet, and I only follow a few people, mostly minister friends. So take whatever I say with a grain of sand. But do check out UUHULK and BadMFCAdvice. If you don’t think they’re hilarious, you’re just not getting the joke.

One Response to “To the Twitterati”
  1. Welcome to Twitter! Not only is it a powerful medium for insider stress relief, it is a fantastic place for public faithing, connecting people who feel isolated, immediate 24/7 spiritual community, and sharing needed news and resources. Looking forward to your developing twitter ministry!

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